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The Resume Writing Dilemma:
Although an individual may be equipped with an impressive set of job skills, many don’t know how to clearly express and present their uniqueness and value to a prospective employer, via a well written and strategic structured resume. Subsequently, within the ever increasingly competitive job market, invitations from employers to discuss specific employment opportunities remain elusive and out of reach.

Let Us Help You Rewrite Your Resume:
The cornerstone and namesake of Help My Resume is our no-charge professionally written resume rewriting service. That’s right…we will rewrite your resume for free. Just send it to us here:(temporarily suspended until we get caught up). As long as we can reasonably meet the demand, we will continue to help people update their resumes. Please know that we may decide to feature your resume (without contact info, of course) as part of our “Resume Makeover” program.

Top Companies for Entry Level Jobs
Below is a list of our most popular companies for entry level jobs. We provide some direction aroud how to craft a resume to apply to each one.


Chick-fil-A Resume

CVS Resume

Dollar Tree Resume

Forever 21 Resume

KFC Resume

Kroger Resume

McDonalds Resume

Pizza Hut Resume

Safeway Resume

Starbucks Resume

Taco Bell Resume

Toys R Us Resume

Walgreens Resume

Burger King Resume

Costco Resume

Dollar General Resume

Family Dollar Resume

Home Depot Resume

Kmart Resume

Lowes Resume

Old Navy

Sears Resume

Subway Resume

Target Resume

Victorias Secret Resume

Walmart Resume

Wendys Resume