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McDonalds Resume

Do you need a resume to apply for a job with McDonalds?

Top fast food chain McDonald’s maintains over 35,000 restaurants worldwide. The iconic international brand remains a career starting point for hundreds of thousands of individuals. Entry-level positions normally prove easily accessible to job seekers, regardless of experience. However, candidates may want to draft resumes to better showcase qualifications, even for entry-level employment opportunities. For management work and corporate jobs, hiring managers expect applicants to submit high-quality resumes. Providing additional hiring materials like resumes increases the likelihood of exposure over other applicants from the large volumes of candidates the chain entertains.

Submitting a resume allows for a more comprehensive look at individual candidacy. Applicants who provide resumes stand a strong chances of gaining meaningful employment with the company. McDonald’s resumes should highlight previous fast food industry experience, customer service skills, and personal accomplishments. Volunteer opportunities related to the fast food industry may also bolster individual chances of employment consideration. In addition, tailoring resumes to specific positions allows job seekers to include the most relevant credentials. Workers should also provide education backgrounds and contact information in neat, legible, and well-organized formats.

After creating suitable resumes, job seekers must complete applications. The forms primarily ask questions about contact information and work history. Applicants must also provide professional references. Fill out the documents accurately, honestly, and with current information for the best results. Once the McDonald’s resume and job application both stand complete, submit the forms to a local store location and wait to hear back from hiring managers. Candidates may follow up with staffing personnel in person or through phone calls to show interest and improve chances of obtaining work.

McDonalds Facts:

  • Minimum Age to Work: 16 years old
  • Positions Available: Team Member, Shift Leader, Manager
  • McDonalds Website:

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