Resume Writing for the Inexperienced

How do you write a resume when you don’t have much work experience?

One of the hardest tasks when finding a job involves matching work experience with education and skills. Many employers only seek to hire candidates with proper work experience. How does an inexperienced worker get this experience when so many companies overlook a general lack in work history? Many students and job seekers new to the workforce run into this very problem. In order to “get your foot in the door,” your resume needs to show that you in fact are the right person for the job.

Academics usually make up a substantial portion of an inexperienced job seeker’s resume. When writing about educational history, try to relate the skills learned in school to the skills required for the job. Citing good performance also helps to convey a sense of hard work and focus. Write about certain projects and extracurricular activities that will help employers get a sense of who you are, both as a person and a worker. Internships may serve as a valuable tool to use when writing your resume. The most important aspect of an internship involves providing much-needed real world experience.

At the very least, write about your goals in your resume. An obvious objective helps a company to learn about your attitude before the job interview. For many workers with expansive work experience, a resume can be tailored to the position. A resume for the inexperienced, however, must take a different approach. New workers must showcase all of their best qualities for the best chance at obtaining an entry-level job or more in today’s workforce.

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