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Walmart Resume

Do you need a resume to apply for a job with Walmart?

Worldwide retailer Walmart looks for dependable and motivated workers. Job seekers apply for work in store at designated kiosks offering electronic applications. Despite the entry-level nature of most positions for hire, workers should consider creating resumes for positions desired. Adding a resume to required employment documents provides additional information recruitment managers may miss in reviewing applications alone.

A successful resume should first and foremost highlight applicant desires to work for the department store chain and showcase skills and abilities relevant to the position sought after. Lists of skills and professional intentions to work for the chain should appear in the qualifications summary serving as the header of the document. Use the brief, six- or seven-line paragraph to highlight experience in the retail industry and demonstrate abilities to perform the job.

Submitting resumes represents only the first step in the hiring process, as job hunters must complete and submit official application forms for employment consideration. An essential step in the hiring process, the job application must include honest and up-to-date information, including recent work history, contact information, and professional references. If necessary, ask someone else to proofread and edit any mistakes for both the resume and job application before submission. After completing both documents, formally submit the job application at a designated kiosk, the resume to a Walmart manager, and await further contact from the department store.

Walmart Facts:

  • Minimum Age to Work: 16 years old
  • Positions Available: Cashier, Sales Associate, Manager
  • Walmart Website:

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